mediapicture: Veranstaltungstechnik München - Vermietung Konferenztechnik
rent of media, event technology and digital signage

Information and advertising on electronic media has been reserved to television until now.
With digital signage you can show digital media contents for information or advertising to an on-site audience. Present information dynamically and directly on your presentation areas such as flat screens, video beamers and information terminals. Demonstrate information regarding prices, references and posters easily as freeze or moving image. This is a modern advertising option compared to traditional posters for in-store marketing and out-of-home advertising.
A centrally managed server smoothly controls the linked presentation areas. The corresponding software helps you to manage, edit and transfer the contents you want to show.
Possible areas of application are as follows:

  • Points of Information (POI) such as underground, airports, museums, shopping centres, physicians or public buildings
  • Points of Sale (POS) such as travel agencies, car dealerships or at retail
  • Hospitality (hotel information systems, meeting room signage, etc.)
  • Narrowcasting as in the catering trade

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